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Citrus Flavours
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This blog has been designed to enlighten the world to sweet and savoury cusine. Personally, my favourite ingredient in cooking is citrus fruits, particually lemons, so I will try to inspire your inner chef to share the interesting flavour of lemons in the most indulgent cupcakes, muffins, cakes, slices, cookies and of course savoury dishes. My collection of recipes can be applied to any situation; formal or informal, in any case they are delicious and will interest your guests! Enjoy preparing and sharing the following recipes for what will be a memorable gathering with friends and family for any occassion.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egg Decorating

Everybody tries to 'jazz up' ones meal and make it look appealing, but has anyone thought of decorating it for entertainment? At school, egg decorating and cake decorating (as you can see on the 'designer cakes for parties' page) is a fun way to be creative with food. Once a year our school holds a day for us to be creative and have fun, it is called 'Cultural Festival'. On this day we all enter different competitions, such as singing, playing an instrument, egg decorating, cake decorating, comedy, pavement art and the list continues. Below are some of my sister's and my previous entries for the egg decorating competition, some of them even won places! (I shall post the others once the photos have been relocated!) 

To decorate an egg you can cheat and hard boil it, or follow the traditional method of 'blowing' the egg. This means you use a skewer to gently make a hole at both ends of the egg, then you blow in one end (really hard) to make the yolk and whites come out the other (make the bottom hole bigger). This takes some time and a lot of effort. I guarantee once the egg is hollow, you will be light headed!! Then sit it in an egg cup to drain and dry. Once dry, decorate accordingly to your theme. Then try and think of a name that can use egg- instead of ex- such as egg-cellent. This way it is much more entertaining! Enjoy!

(notice the egg-person sleeping upstairs while the party is happening downstairs!)
By Yasmin

'Cultural Diversity'
By Camilla


  1. Yasmin,

    Thanks so much for posting these photos. They are very creative. I never thought about decorating eggs other than Easter when we dye them bright colors. Please continue your fun and interesting posts. I am assuming you are in Australia, am I correct?

  2. LOL this is awesome. I've never seen such fun decorated eggs and thanks for teaching me something new -- never knew that blowing the eggs was the traditional way.

  3. les photos je les trouve magnifiques mes compliments
    bonne soirée